Fabric reinforced steam hose and armored steam hose to convey saturated steam or superheated water below 150 °C

Fabric reinforced steam hose is a kind of fabric rubber hose. The product structure and manufacturing process are the same to the ordinary fabric rubber hose. The hose is often made by natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and rubber material, or neoprene rubber with good heat resistance.

The working pressure: Steam is 0.4MPa or less, hot water is 0.8MPa or less. Tube diameter range is of ф13 - 102mm for conveying steam or hot water at 150 °C or less. Length: Standard 20m, specific length can be customized.

Structure of fabric reinforced steam hose:
Fabric reinforced steam hose inner layer and outer layer are both made by heat resistant synthetic rubber, the middle enhanced layer is cotton canvas, and the tube body has characteristics of soft, lightweight, flexible, high heat resistance.

Features: Layers have good heat resistance and the hose bursting pressure is not less than 10 times of the working pressure. It is high temperature corrosion resistance, small tolerance of the inner and outer diameter, ozone resistance, and resistance to wear.

Armored fabric reinforced steam hose:
Armored fabric reinforced steam hose is applied in transferring saturated steam or superheated water of not higher than 150 °C.

Characteristics: Hose outer surface is wound around of the spiral galvanized metal can effectively increase the strength of the hose to improve the ability of pressure. It is usually applicable to the complex working conditions, higher requirements for safe operation occasions.

Note: Armored fabric steam hose specifications: Small-caliber internal diameter of 6mm to large-caliber of 152mm can be produced, length of 20 meters and 40 meters.

The armored hose types:

  1. Set woven steel mesh outside the hose
  2. Asbestos cloth or quartz wrapped in hose outer layer and then wrapped around with woven steel mesh cover.

Wear resistance: to prevent the hose damaged by the collision or mechanical friction
Insulation: to increase asbestos insulation layer, can be used in high temperature environments, and improve service life
Anti-scald: to prevent steel flower and welding slag flying burning hose.

Large-caliber armored fabric reinforced steam hoseSmall-caliber armored fabric reinforced steam hoseArmored fabric reinforced steam hose is widely used for its high strength.Fabric reinforced steam hose of red outer layer

Specifications of fabric reinforced steam hose

Inner diameter Outside diameter Working pressure Burst pressure Weight Bending radius
mm inch mm inch bar psi bar psi Kg/m Ibs/ft. mm
13 1/2 25 1 10 150 63 600 0.53 0.36 91
19 3/4 32 1-7/32 10 150 63 600 0.68 0.46 133
25 1 43 1-29/64 10 150 63 600 0.90 0.62 175
32 1-1/4 46 1-13/16 10 150 63 600 1.30 0.87 224
38 1-1/2 54 2-1/8 10 150 63 600 1.60 1.10 266
52 2 67 2-41/64 10 150 63 600 2.20 1.51 357
63 2-1/2 83 3-5/16 10 150 63 600 3.80 2.61 445
76 3 95 3-13/16 10 150 63 600 4.66 3.20 532
102 4 124 4-7/8 10 150 63 600 6.50 4.46 714

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