Iron steam hose can greatly improve working efficiency for conveying steam in laundry

Iron steam hose is one kind steam hose that is widely used in daily life. It is different from other steam hoses used in industry. Iron steam hose can be used in clothing, knitting, and laundry steam irons for transferring steam.
It is very suitable for conveying saturated steam or superheated water not higher than 148°C. The hose has characteristics of good flexibility, high heat resistance and aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of iron steam hose:

  1. Improving working efficiency: Compared to other iron steam hose that made of other rubber, it is very easy to bent only using half of the force, moreover its weight is 30% lighter than other hose, it is very convenient to use.
  2. Long service life: This kind of iron steam hose service life is 3 times of those made of natural rubber.

Specifications of iron steam hose

I.D. (mm) Woven layer Steam pressure MPa (kgf/cm2) O.D. (mm) Weight Length
Nominal size Tolerance m Tolerance (mm)
5 ±0.5 2 0.34(3.5) 11 0.07 30 ±10~600
6 2 0.34(3.5) 12 0.08 30 ±10~600

Different colors iron steam hoseTeflon iron steam hose has best corrosion-resistance among all the existing plastics

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