Steam hose used to handle saturated steam and superheated water efficiently and safely

Brief introduction of steam hose
Steam hose is manufactured by special rubber with good heat resistance and copper wire braid reinforced layer. It is suitable for continuous conveying saturated steam and superheated steam below the temperature of 150°C or intermittent conveying below the temperature of 160°C.
There are different kinds of steam hoses, such as fabric reinforced steam hose, steel wire braided steam hose, PTFE steam hose, iron steam hose and so on. High temperature resistant steam hose is one common kind of steam hose. The inside and outside layers of hose are made by high quality heat resistance of synthetic tube and the hose body has the characteristics of soft, lightweight, flexible, and high heat resistance.

Purposes: It is used for the conveyance of 165 °C ~ 220 °C saturated steam or superheated water, suitable for steam cleaning, steam hammer, vulcanizing machines, injection molding machines and hot pressing equipment.

Durable, long service life.
High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance.
Strong anti-destructive ability.
Light weight, flexible and sturdy.

Applications of steam hose
Our factory gives you steam hose to handle efficiently and safely no matter dry or wet, saturated or superheated. We stock a full range of steam hoses which are designed for the safe transfer of hot water and steam for processing products and cleaning equipment. They are used in numerous industries, such as refineries, food plants, shipyards, chemical plants, and for industrial cleaning, etc.

The specifications of steam hose

Diameter (mm) Steel wire braided layers Working pressure MPa (kg / cm ²) Minimum bend radius
Reference OD
ID Tolerance m Tolerance
13 ± 0.8 1 0.79 150 25 0.55 20 ± 70
16 ± 0.8 1 170 28 0.65 20 ± 70
19 ± 0.8 1 210 31 0.75 20 ± 70
22 ± 0.8


1 240 34 0.80 20 ± 70
25 ± 0.8 1 270 37 1.00 20 ± 70
32 ± 1.2 1 350 44 1.20 20 ± 70
38 ± 1.2 1 400 50 1.30 20 ± 70

Structure of steam hoseHow to select steam hose
It is hazardous to handling steam. A failure of steam hose can cause property damage, personal injury or even death. So it is very important to choose the right steam hose for your steam application. Using the right steam hose is not only to ensure efficiency and operation reliability but also to maintain safety in the workplace.

Here are some tips on selecting and using:

  1. Ensure that steam hose is actually a steam hose and working pressure, temperature rating and burst pressure, etc. is stated.
  2. When using steam hose, make sure that the working pressure and temperature are in the scope.
  3. When not in use, do not to allow remaining under pressure.
  4. Be careful about the bending or flexing of steam hose near the coupling. Do not excess bending. It is good to keep straight line operation. Use spring guards to help when it has to bend.
  5. Use good brand steam hose coupling and clamps on hose.

Deterioration of steam hose
Steam hose has a limited life just like all rubber products and is gradual deterioration in use. Sometimes it is rapidly broken without apparent reason. It is often because of steam conditions change that makes it happens. Therefore it is useful to consider the service life of hose and how the conditions of steam affect steam hose life.

Maintenance of steam hose

  1. Check the outer protective layer is vesicular or summon up.
  2. The outer surface of the steam hose is cut and exposed to the reinforced layer.
  3. A leak in the joints or tubular body has leaks places.
  4. The place of flattened portions or knotted of the hose has been damaged.
  5. Reduction of the steam or gas flow indicates the hose is expansion.
  6. Any above mentioned abnormal signs appears means it is time to replace the steam hose.
  7. The replaced hose should be carefully examined before reuse.

Steam hose of black outer layerSteam hose of copper braided wire reinforced middle layerInner structure of rubber steam hoseSteam hose for sewer cleaning

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