PTFE steam hose using for transferring highly corrosive media for a long time in high temperature

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) steam hose

PTFE steam hose applications:
This kind of steam hose is widely used in chemical, mechanical industry, electronic industry, military, aerospace, pipeline, oil, textile, electrical insulation, environmental protection and other economic areas. It can be used in 60 ~ 250 °C for a long term of the reliable excellent corrosion resistance to convey highly corrosive media in high temperature. And it can be processed into O- type, S-type, □-shape and with quality assurance.

Features of this kind steam hose:
It is widely used in many industries because of its features, namely, fine organization appearance, no mechanical impurities, high strength, excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, self-lubrication without sticky, electrical insulation and excellent anti-aging ability. In the following is the details information.

High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance. This product is made of special high-grade PTFE hose, high temperature braid with Japanese advanced technology stainless steel of double buckle spiral hose, suitable for the special environment of high temperature, corrosion and pressure. In 3kg/cm2 air pressure the product internal hose can withstand 250 °C high temperature steam and at the same time skin temperature does not exceed 60 °C, to ensure the safety of operations. This product can be normal used in 10kg/cm2 steam pressure.

  1. Light weight, soft and strong. This product handled by a special assembly, the total length of 2m (including both ends of the connector) hose weighs only 500 grams greatly reduced the operating staff working strength. It is softness, free bending, and absolutely without pleat to hinder ventilation.
  2. Strong anti-destructive ability. As a result of Japanese advanced technology stainless double buckle auto-luck spiral hose protection can withstand 180kg pull without damage during normal use.
  3. Durable. Integrated the advantages of this product, the service life is greatly exceed the existing types of steam hose. Used for a long time it's no need to be replaced. It is greatly reduced the cost and improved working efficiency, economical and practical.

Here are two types of PTFE steam hoses

1. Natural smooth bore PTFE hose
Temperature range: -360F to +550F (-180C to +260C)
Construction: inner smooth PTFE tube, outer stainless steel braided
Inner structure of natural smooth bore PTFE steam hose

I.D. (inch) W.P. (PSI) B.P. (PSI)
1/8 3500 14000
1/4 3000 12000
5/16 2745 10980
3/8 2000 8000
1/2 1750 7000
5/8 1500 6000
3/4 1000 4000
1 1000 4000

2. Convoluted PTFE hose
Temperature range: -360F to +550F (-180 °C  to +260 °C )
Construction: inner convoluted PTFE tube, outer stainless steel braided
Inner structure of convoluted PTFE steam hose

I.D. (inch) W.P. (PSI) B.P. (PSI)
1/4 1545 6180
5/16 1545 6180
3/8 1545 6180
1/2 1545 6180
5/8 1470 5880
3/4 1245 4980
1 1035 4140
1-1/4 780 3120


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